74th Independence Day : inspiring quotes from PM Modi’s Independence Day speech

74th Independence Day : inspiring quotes from PM Modi’s Independence Day speech

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s marathon 74th Independence Day speech on Saturday was a long one, studded with the laurels of the past and aspirations for the future. Not only did the prime minister hailed India’s unsung heroes but also laid down his vision of a modern India that is powerful, self-reliant and a force to reckon with.

PM Modi’s speech was inspiring, one that enthused the millions of Indians, filling it with a resolve to take the country to greater heights.

On the 74th Independence Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on the Red Fort, addressing a range of concerns, including handling the 19 pandemics, domestic manufacturing boosts as part of atmanirbhar bhrarat Abhiyan and reactivating the economy with a focus on citizens from the middle class.

  • We will win the battle against coronavirus says PM
  • In these times (of the novel coronavirus pandemic), many of our brothers and sisters have been affected. Many have lost their lives. I extend my condolences to these families. But I am confident that we will win this battle.
  • Today, as we breathe in independent India, it is because of the sacrifice of thousands.
  • We are going through distinct times. I cannot see children in front of me today (at the Red Fort). Coronavirus pandemic has stopped everyone. In these times of COVID, ‘Corona warriors’ have lived the mantra of ‘Seva Parmo Dharma’ and served the people of India. I express my gratitude to them.
  • We have set new goals for next year when we celebrate the 75th year of Independence says, PM Modi.
  • PM Modi says that we have faced many challenges this year like floods, landslides which have also resulted in the loss of lives.
  • We have to become self-reliant says, PM Modi. An Atma Nirbhar Bharat should be our dream. It is not just a phrase, it is a manta says PM.
  • 130 crore Indians have decided to become ‘atmanirbhar’ amid the coronavirus pandemic. This has become a mantra for 130 crore citizens.
  • Atmanirbhar (self-reliant)’ is mandatory. I am confident that we will realise this dream.
  • The world is interconnected and inter-dependant. India has a big role to play in such a scenario says, PM Modi.
  • The world has expectations from India. We must prepare ourselves to be able to meet these expectations.
  • How long will be export raw material and bring back the finished products asks PM Modi. This is why we should become self-reliant.
  • We have taken revolutionary steps in the farming and space sectors.
  • The world is interconnected and interdependent today. Thus, it is a need of the hour for India to contribute to the world’s prosperity.
  • Reducing imports is not what Atma Nirbhar only means. We have to increase our creativity, enhance skill development also.
  • We have proven that we are self-reliant. During the pandemic, we were not able to get medical equipment from outside due to the challenges. India has made N-95 masks, ventilators etc.
  • Let vocal for local be our motto.
  • Did anyone think that crores of Rupees would be transferred into the Jan Dhan accounts
  • PM Modi talks about economic reforms taken up by his government. He is also highlighting reforms in space and energy sectors.
  • I am confident that measures like opening up the space sector will get employment for many and create opportunities for the youth.
  • The entire world is watching our reforms such as one nation one ration card, one nation one tax says, PM Modi.”The world is watching the reforms we are undertaking,” PM Modi says, adding that India has “broken all” foreign direct investment records.
  • Former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had taken India’s road infrastructure to the next level. Now we need to focus on multi-modal infrastructure. We need to stop working in silos.
  • PM Narendra Modi is talking about various schemes taken up by the Centre in the last six years.
  • Today Multi-National Companies from across the world are coming to India
  • You were able to sell your products in any part of the country. But, our farmers were not able to do that. We have ended this. They will now have more options to sell their produce.
  • The Jal Jeevan Mission which I announced here last year is a success. It is giving clean drinking water to all says PM Modi. I am happy to say that more than 1 lakh houses are getting clean drinking water every day says PM.
  • The middle class is empowered today. Cheap internet, cheaper home loans are being offered for their empowerment
  • Work on the optical fibre network will be completed in 6 lakh villages says, PM Modi.
  • PM speaks on cybersecurity. We are taking steps to ensure that our cyberspace is safe says, PM Modi.
  • Only 5 dozen village panchayats were connected with optical fibre before 2014. In the last 5 years, 1.5 Lakh village panchayats have been connected with optical fibre. In the coming 1000 days, every village of the nation will be connected with optical fibre.
  • Education has a key role in the making of Aatmanirbhar, modern, new and prosperous India. So, we have brought the new education policy after three decades that has been welcomed throughout the country, which instils new confidence.
  • Whenever women received an opportunity, they made India proud & strengthened it. Today, the nation is determined to provide equal opportunities for self-employment & employment to them. Today women are working in coal mines, our daughters are touching the sky while flying a fighter plane.
  • We have set up a committee to reconsider the minimum age for marriage of our daughters. We will take an appropriate decision after the committee submits its report.
  • Today three vaccines are in testing stages in India. As soon as the scientists give a green signal, the country will begin their large scale production.
  • This one year is a year of the new journey of development for Jammu and Kashmir. This one year is the year of the rights received by the women and the Dalits in Jammu and Kashmir. This one year is also the year of a life of dignity for the refugees in Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Modi said that India is committed to protecting its sovereignty.
  • Today neighbour is not just the one with whom we share a border but also those with whom our heart stays connected, where there is harmony in relations. I’m happy that in past some time India has further strengthened its relations with all countries in ‘extended neighbourhood.
  • From LoC to LAC, whoever tried to raise their eyes towards the sovereignty of our country, our soldiers responded to it in the same manner.
  • Delimitation exercise is being carried out in Jammu and Kashmir, the country is committed for completion of this work so that elections are held and people’s representatives are elected there
  • There are more than 1300 islands in our country. Keeping in mind their geographical location and their significance in the development of the nation, work to begin new projects in some of these islands is underway
  • In the next 1000 days, Lakshadweep will also be connected to submarine optical fiber cableFew days back the foundation stone for the construction of the Ram Mandir was laid says, PM Modi.
  • “Decreasing our carbon footprint and conservation of biodiversity will be done on a war-footing,” says PM Modi in Independence Day speech.
  • We should produce the best products and not do the ordinary says, PM Modi.
  • Let us take an oath that we move ahead and innovate. Let us be empowered and go vocal for local says PM Modi.
  • PM Modi ends address with ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ Vande Mataram and Jai Hind

On the occasion of 74th Independence Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday extended his greeting to all Indians before hoisting the tricolour from the ramparts of the Red Fort in Delhi.

Before his speech, PM Modi took to Twitter and said, “Happy Independence Day to all fellow Indians. Jai Hind!”

He also received the Guard of Honour contingent, consisting of one officer and 24 men each from the Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Air Force (IAF) and Delhi Police. It can be seen that a multilayered security ring, including snipers from the National Security Guard (NSG), elite SWAT commandos and kite catchers, has been thrown in around the Red Fort.

In his previous Independence Day speech, PM Modi talked about the decision to remove Jammu and Kashmir’s special rights and ban against triple talaq among the bold moves of the first 10 weeks of his second term.

The Prime Minister also talked about his aim to turn India into a $5-trillion economy within five years and announced the creation of a new post of chief of defence staff to ensure better coordination of the army, navy and air force, along the lines of western military forces.