India-China standoff: Brute Chinese soldiers brought guns, spears, machetes to Monday’s skirmish

India-China standoff: Brute Chinese soldiers brought guns, spears, machetes to Monday's skirmish

The Chinese troops who attempted to close-in on one of the Indian forward positions along the LAC near Rezang La on a Monday evening was carrying weapons like guns, rods, spears and machetes.

Our team has also accessed the pictures of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers who on Monday had attempted to dislodge Indian troops from their posts on mountain heights in the Rezang La region of Ladakh. Their attempts were thwarted by the Indian Army soldiers.

The pictures accessed by India Today TV show around 30 Chinese soldiers holding weapons, including guns, spears and machetes.

On Monday night, PLA troops attempted to occupy a forward post along the LAC, which was thwarted by the Indian Army. The pictures of Chinese soldiers carrying spears and machetes indicates that they were expecting close combat with the Indian Army soldiers.

The government sources on Tuesday told to the news channel that the Chinese troops carried rods, spears and sharp weapons while aggressively approaching Indian post in eastern Ladakh on Monday evening. “Attempt of Chinese PLA was to remove Indian troops from strategic heights in Mukhpari peak and Reqin La areas in Ladakh,” the sources said.

The Indian Army has also said that PLA troops fired 10-15 rounds in the air in an attempt to intimidate their own troops and the Indian troops did not give in to the provocation by the Chinese military.

PLA’s brute weapons

While machetes and spears may not be a common sight at any other battlefront, they are hardly a surprise in the hands of the Chinese troops. During the bloody skirmish on June, 20 Indian soldiers were killed after the PLA troops attacked them with boulders, rocks wrapped with barbed wire and wooden log with nails around them.

The Chinese soldiers had also resolved to stone-pelting and pushing Indian soldiers over the cliff to the narrow, fast-moving Galwan river.