Kangana Ranaut’s office not bulldozed by the BMC, actor receives a notice to stop ‘leakage’ instead

Kangana Ranaut’s office not bulldozed by the BMC, actor receives a notice to stop ‘leakage’ instead

Actor Kangana Ranaut has announced that the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has given her the notice to tend to ‘leakage work’ at her Mumbai office. Kangana on Monday had claimed that the BMC was going to demolish her Manikarnika Films office, presumably as a fallout of her recent war of words with the Shiv Sena’s Sanjay Raut.

The notice points out 8-10 types of structural violations in her office. The BMC is seeking her reply in 24 hours, failing which the illegal portions will be demolished. The actor’s office staff has refused to accept the notice from BMC, following which they have pinned the notice on one of the walls of the premises.

Vinayak Vispute, assistant municipal commissioner of H westward (Bandra, Khar), said, “The site inspection was conducted according to the approved plans in BMC’s development plan department. We have listed out several violations in the notice and will await her reply on the same. Depending on that, further action will be taken.”

On Tuesday, Kangana shared images of the notice she’d received, and wrote in a tweet, “Because of the criticism that @mybmc received from my friends on social media, they didn’t come with a bulldozer today instead stuck a notice to stop leakage work that is going on in the office, friends I may have risked a lot but I find immense love and support from you all.”

In her Monday tweets, Kangana had written that her office, which she’d worked hard for 15 years to build, was under threat. Sharing a video of some men that she claimed were BMC officers inside her office, she wrote, “They have forcefully taken over my office measuring everything, also harassing my neighbours when they retorted @mybmc officials used language like, ‘Wo joh madam hain, uski kartoot ka parinam sabko bharna hoga (everyone must pay for the lady’s behaviour).’ I am informed tomorrow they are demolishing my property.”

Kangana on Monday was accorded Y-plus category security ahead of her return to Mumbai. She is currently in Manali. The actor also took to Twitter to thank home minister Amit Shah. In a tweet written in Hindi, she said, “This proves that a patriot’s voice cannot be crushed by fascists. I am grateful to Amit Shah, if he wanted, he could have advised me to go to Mumbai after a few days but he respected a daughter of India, protected her pride and self-respect. Jai Hind.”

Her verbal spat with Sanjay Raut started when she said that she feels unsafe in Mumbai, and compared it to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Raut condemned her comments and said that he will not allow her to set foot in Maharashtra.