Lok Sabha Session likely to be curtailed amid rise in COVID-19 cases, Speaker to take final call

Lok Sabha Session likely to be curtailed amid rise in COVID-19 cases, Speaker to take final call

Amid the rising number of COVID cases in Parliament, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla on Saturday called an urgent Business Advisory Committee (BAC) meeting of all parties during which it was unanimously decided to curtail the session.

As MPs emerged out of the meeting, all said that everyone agreed to have a curtailed session.

However, it has been left to the discretion of the speaker as to when and by how many days it should be curtailed.

‘Parliament monsoon session likely to be curtailed’

“There was a demand from Congress and others to have a discussion on the National Education Policy (NEP) and COVID. DMK’s TR Baalu wanted to discuss Environment Impact Assessment as well whereas AITC wanted a discussion on GST as well along with all these issues. It will be seen as to how the speaker will adjust the legislation business,” stated one of the MPs.

Another MP said that there was a discussion that if there is a spurt in COVID-19 cases in the House, everything will come to a standstill. Might as well finish business on priority and curtail the session.

“We left it to the speaker. The Session will be curtailed,” said one of the participants.

Meanwhile, in the BAC, six bills were circulated for the discussion in coming days and were allotted time.

Was scheduled to end on October 1

“In previous BAC, 14 items were discussed and out of that 8 had been discussed. Today they circulated 6 items for discussion,” said a senior MP.

The Parliament session which began on September 14 is set to end on October 1.

However, despite routine tests of MPs, staffers and workers in the Parliament, the fear of the spread of the virus is palpable among the top leadership as well.

Recently both Union Minister Nitin Gadkari and Prahlad Patel tested positive for COVID-19. Both had attended the session after being tested negative a few days back.

Source- Timesnow