WhatsApp to soon let you mute group chats forever

WhatsApp to soon let you mute group chats forever

WhatsApp adds new features constantly to enhance the chat experience and the app will soon give you a ‘forever’ option to mutate group chats, in addition to the requested ‘expiring post.’

We are often added to WhatsApp groups which we do not leave – one with very old friends with whom you barely talk or with family members who believe in sending ‘Bonjourn’ messages every morning and forward. You may have been keeping such talk on silent so that you don’t have to address them, in order to avoid being called rude (or any other similar adjective).

So far, WhatsApp was only letting you mute chats, one-on-one chats and group chats, for a span of eight hours, one week or one year at the maximum. Once this time period would expire, you would ideally have to remember to mute the concerned chat again. This is essentially not too much work, it takes a few seconds to mute a chat, but it’s annoying and is that one more thing you should not have to do.

WhatsApp will make things easier and give you the option to chat forever. This new feature currently in beta replaces a ‘Never’ option for the mute for one year.

Whatsapp mute option

Spotted by WABetaInfo, the screenshot shared by the forum shows that the eight hour and one-week mute options are still going to be around, the new addition is the ‘Always’ option that can silence those pesky groups forever. You don’t need to leave them, you can carry on ignoring them as you were.

This will bring an end once your peace is over one year to the need for silencing individual chats and group chats. Of course, you can only undo it if you want to return to getting the messages from the group or from a person that you have muted.

WABetaInfo tells us that the feature is currently ‘under development’ and should roll out soon.

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